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Nyakashambya primary school (Uganda)


The school was founded in 1960 by an Anglican church and handed over to the Ugandan government in 1976.  However, the children’s school results remained below par, partly due to underfunding of teachers.

In 2014, a partnership with the coffee cooperative ACPCU started with the construction of a coffee field where children learn to grow coffee organically. By selling the coffee beans to the cooperative, private teachers could be attracted and the level of education increased. 

In 2018, Oxfam Wereldwinkel Veurne came into contact with this project through the coffee cooperative. Charmed by this project, they decided to provide support to make the school fully operational and give young girls in particular, better opportunities for education. 

Meanwhile, thanks to the good results of both the pupils individually and the school compared to neighbouring schools, pupil numbers continued to rise.  By 2022, 721 children were enrolled, 369 of whom were girls.  The problem presents itself that some children, mainly girls come from very far away and often have to travel a "dangerous" road before arriving at school. 

Therefore, in collaboration with the coffee cooperative and Oxfam Wereldwinkel Veurne, the school would now very much like to build a girls' boarding school. The building plans have been drawn by a Ugandan architectural office and Oxfam Wereldwinkel Veurne has already started the necessary fundraising.

Would you like to help give young children, especially girls, the chance of a good education and a brighter future?  We would greatly appreciate your support. 

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