Sustainable development in El Salvador

Sustainable development in El Salvador

Ludo Van de Velde (original from Oelegem/Ranst, province of Antwerp) and his wife Teresa Salazar together with the Christian base communities, living in the suburbs of San Salvador (El Salvador, Central America), support local developing initiatives.

Since 3 years they focus on the community of Santa Rosa with 21 families in the village of Guadelupe in the province of San Vicente. These families were victims of the earthquake in 2001 and the earth disturbances in 2009. They were left behind in the new housing projects. These families do have neither no house , neither they live on place that are defined as unacceptable for living due to new dangers. In the mean time they could get a new area with parcels to live. At the moment they live in small houses made from zinc plates. Although there is no water and electricity, already six families live permanently there. They collaborate for the construction of a central road in this new district. The common battle continues: a septic well of 8 m depth, a toilet, connection to the potable water net, connection to the electricity and finally they try to build an acceptable housing.

With the help of the Christian base communities in the suburbs and with the support of the solidary gifts from Flanders we can collaborate to create for this people a descent way of living and housing.

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