Solidariteit Venezuela

‘Solidariteit Venezuela’ supports the inhabitants of la Concordia, a poor district of about 8 700 inhabitants in the city of Valle de la Pascua (Guárico state, Venezuela). This neighbourhood needs a multipurpose community centre with meeting rooms, a room for medical care, and an office for the promoter and inspirer of the projects started in this neighbourhood.

One of the projects is 'Fundación la Milagrosa' (NPO), a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the integral support of the poorest families. This project is also supported by Caritas Venezuela. A local working group coordinates the different sub-projects of 'la Milagrosa', for example 'Saman'. This initiative combats child malnutrition and provides family support by, among other things, distributing food, organising sewing courses and offering language courses to young people with a drug history.

The community centre will provide space for the different activities in order to support the development of the local community.

The work group and association 'Solidariteit Venezuela' was born out of a friendship of many years with the Belgian parish priest and inspirer Peter Gijs, a ‘fidei donum’ priest of the diocese of Antwerp, who has been working in Venezuela since 1983. Our main objective is to support the local non-profit organisation 'Fundación la Milagrosa'.

As part of the overall project to establish a community centre, the working group wants to make a financial contribution to the sanitary installation first. Having access to clean water is a basic need, necessary for food preparation, hygiene and health care.

Once the centre has been built, the various sub-projects can be further supported.

Solidariteit Venezuela - Vredestraat 102 - 2550 Kontich