Sustainable learning in and from Nicaragua

Project: "Authentic cooperation: an essential base for Pedagogy from the South” - (Sustainable learning in and from Nicaragua).


1.         Making awareness possible with regard to concepts and practices concerning 'Authentic cooperation', 'Pedagogy of BEING', Pedagogy from the point of view of meaning.

2.         The active and critical evaluation of learning processes and learning results in terms of basic skills in reading, mathematics and social interaction among children aged from 5 to 13.

3.         Building and promoting concrete learning processes, based on authentic cooperation through students from teacher training schools in Nicaragua.

4.         Promoting educational practices based on authentic cooperation.


This project has several components:

1.         Training: via local work meetings and/or virtual courses (ÁBACOenRed has its own moodle platform).

2.         Research: systematic home visits (representative samples) in rural communities and urban neighborhoods in order to interview adults and children, using well-developed tools, about their learning conditions and learning outcomes.

3.         Action: Establish alternative learning practices with a view to improving learning processes and outcomes. This will be done through the participation of future teachers who, in turn, will be able to apply all that they learn to the places where they will be employed.

The last two components are part of the subproject “VIdA” ("life") ("Valoración Intersubjetiva del Aprender") and aim to contribute to a continuous improvement of the quality of education, especially in primary school, in the fields of reading, mathematics and social interaction ... perhaps in the future also artistic expression.

This project 'VIdA' is implemented together with the Ministry of Education and the Normal School at local level (at the moment this is Matagalpa - rural areas), in which teachers and students participate as volunteer(s).

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