Trui Dael worked for 31 years in Guatemala and remains closely connected with people she worked with, and continues to monitor and support multiple projects.

Our commitment is to work together with the local population to care for young people, children and the sick from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their living conditions.

In Chiantla (260 km from the capital) and in a rural environment, it is financially impossible for many people over the age of 12 to attend day classes. Their daily participation in work at home ensures the "survival" of the family.

Fortunately IGER exists. This radiophonic education gives diplomas recognized by the state. The young people and adults work hard together with the teachers' team of volunteers as well as the highly motivated director. They want to make a positive contribution to the future of their local population. This weekend education, ie the school education at IGER, opens up new opportunities for paid work and for greater participation in the community.

In Uspantàn (Quiché department) we offer healthcare support. A good part of the population is unilingual and only speaks Uspanteco. On the other hand, being sick and healing in Mayan culture is different from the Western way of thinking and living. A welcome in their own language, with respect for their own good habits, has a positive effect on their self-esteem. The use of medicinal plants belonging to their own culture is greatly appreciated.

Many neighborhoods on the periphery of the capital Guatemala are very problematic, and are part of the feared criminal red zone. This inlcludes Zona 19 Colonia "El Milagro" as well as part of Zona 10. In the middle of these 2 neighborhoods in the vicinity of an abyss, we cooperated years ago with building 2 schools. Quality education can make a difference there and give it a future. Unexpected long-term unemployment or illnesses cause hopeless financial problems for responsible families. Children are then kept home away from school. A well thought-out system of scholarships can build bridges, giving certain children a chance to complete their basic education as normal.

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