Centre Nyota - Dr Congo

Belgian White Father BERNARD UGEUX

Congo - Kivus region: ravaged gangs of rebels who have been armed for years and who attack the local population, especially women and girls ...

Conflict for more than 20 years. Discouragement of the population who have to flee desperately again and again .. to leave their own piece of land and house behind… Numerous armed groups ravage Eastern Congo. Parents are murdered under the gaze of desperate children ... who are taken away to camps in the jungle and trained to become child soldiers. Girls and women are abused as sex slaves.

Sexual violence! Rapes! Girls and women in particular are being abused.  They become sexual slaves of wandering militias.

Purpose of project: To give new life, hope and human dignity to girls and women who are victims of violence. They are helped and assisted to empathize with the social fabric of society. They are also helped to deal with their trauma.

HOW ? An brave Congolese woman, NOELLA KADAYI, mother of a large family, took over the task of sisters in the care and support of the victims of sexual violence. A simple center was built to help around 250 abused girls and women.

WORKING METHOD: Reception and support of single girls and women (widows and raped girls and women). Awareness of their human dignity - general human education - literacy - cooking - sewing - - moral and spiritual education and guidance - granting microcredits for a new start in society and the acquisition of financial autonomy -

14 animators and teachers are connected to the center and receive a salary.

All this happens in a framework of life that respects human dignity and gives new hope.

The center receives no subsidies. The operation is based solely on the generosity of benefactors.


Society of the Missionaries of Africa - Charles Degrouxstraat 118 - 1040 Brussels (Etterbeek)