All children in the world should be given the opportunity to go to school, develop themselves, evolve as a person and participate actively in their society. This way they can bring change where needed. Unfortunately in Palenga, northern Uganda, this is not the case. 

Together with the local community, principal and teachers of the Pope Benedict XVI school, we invest in nursery, primary and secondary education. We offer training to girls and boys whose parents cannot afford to pay the school fees.

In addition, we help with the development of the school infrastructure by giving them teaching materials, starting a library, setting up sanitary blocks, providing clean drinking water, maintaining classrooms...

We finance the school career of disadvantaged children by supporting them from the first year at school until they get a degree. Thanks to our Bunyo parents who support 20 euro a month we can make this happen. We can asure that this money completely goes to the children of our program because a follow-up is done by our coordinator in Palenga.

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