Ocean View - Western Cape

Training and education of youngsters from Ocean View and other coloured settlements through an education project. Because of their colour and background, these young people still do not get the opportunities they should deserve.

Secondary education is expensive, students often fail to obtain scholarships, and most of these young people do not have the means to continue their studies. Through this project, the coloured youth get the chance to receive training and thus get away from a world of poverty and often also crime.  This makes a difference not just in the lives of the young people themselves, but also offers a chance of a better life for entire families.

Support for community building: in addition to the educational project, a start was made with community support in the Ocean View neighborhood. This initiative includes the transport of sick and elderly people to the doctor or to hospital, and the transport of students to imposed events. In addition, a "street football project" was started after school hours and during the holidays, to keep young people out of the clutches of youth gangs.

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