A health centre specialising in physiotherapy. 

Mboro – where many children, teenagers and adults have no access to physiotherapy! 

In 2010, Bénédicte, a Belgian massage therapist and foot reflexologist, discovers the small town of Mboro, located in north-west Senegal, between Dakar and St Louis. 

Two years later, she decides to volunteer at a local health centre, practicing massage and foot reflexology. During her stay, she is struck by the acute lack of physiotherapy services in the area. 

In Mboro, many people have motor disorders of an osteoarticular and neurological nature, or live with the consequences of cerebral palsy, strokes, accidents, post-traumatic injuries, etc. 

First aid is provided only in the town of Thiès, 45 km away!  A real obstacle course! Most people are discouraged by the cost and travel time, plus the high consultation fees.

Bénédicte's project was born...a local health centre specialising in physiotherapy! 

In 2023, six women got together to support their friend's project and
the non-profit organisation "Un Citron pour Tous"/"A Lemon for All" was founded.

To this end, a partnership was formed between A Lemon for All and ASHAM, Mboro's officially recognized disability association. 

The common goal is to provide necessary affordable care for rehabilitation of motor disorders with a view to improving the health of disabled and vulnerable populations.

But also to: 

- Provide medical equipment for rehabilitation and a physiotherapy space. 

- Integrate disabled people into the structure of the centre (keeper, cleaning staff, gardener,

- Implement health education and awareness programmes. 

- Provide local health care services. 

- Transport disabled children and adolescents to the health centre and specialised school next

- Encourage volunteers from the medical and paramedical sectors to come over and give some of
   their time. 

Necessary steps:

- Drilling a borehole to extract the necessary water for the construction and supply of the health centre and the keeper’s house.

- Building and set-up of the health centre itself.

- Building and set-up of the keeper’s house.

- Equipping each room. 

- Complete equipment of a 30 m2 rehabilitation space.

- Building an enclosure. 

- Purchase of a minibus to transport disabled children and teenagers between home and the health centre and specialised school next door. 

- Placing solar panels. 

- Pay-out of salaries to staff for the first year. Our future goal is to self-manage. 

Bénédicte will be able to follow the building works closely as she resides nearby. 

Our non-profit organisation needs your help, your support and generosity to get this important project off the ground and make it a reality.  

With our heartfelt gratitude,

A lemon for All team, and the local population

A LEMON FOR ALL asbl - 4 rue d'Orbais - 1360 Perwez - Belgium