A health center specializing in physiotherapy care

In Mboro, a city of 30.000 inhabitants, one can wonder why so many children, adolescents and adults are still today deprived of a specialized center of physiotherapy.

In 2010, I discovered that small town of Mboro, located in the northwest of Senegal between Dakar and St Louis.
In 2012, I decided to go back there and work twice a year, on a voluntary basis, in a Christian dispensary. There, I practiced massage and foot reflexology.
It was during my consultations that the obvious lack of physiotherapy care revealed itself.
We are talking about so many people with osteo-type motor disabilities,
articular and neurological problems, but also BMI, CVA, accidents or posttraumatic syndromes.
First aid is ‘available’ but in the town of Thiès 45 km away! A real obstacle of course!
To get there it is only possible by collective taxi, most often accompanied. The price and travel time, plus high consultation fees discourage most of the people in need.

My project was born!
The construction of a health center specializing in physiotherapy care.

To achieve this, a partnership was born between the association “Un Citron pour Tous” and ASHAM, an association for the disabled in Mboro recognized by the state, of which Mr Djouga Minette is in charge. This assures us of an essential recognition by the medical authorities and
the city hall.

The common objective is to improve the health conditions of people with disabilities and vulnerable populations by giving them access locally to lowcost, but quality healthcare necessary for the rehabilitation of motor pathologies, whether they are of post-traumatic, neurological, degenerative or of osteo-articular origin, and this by different techniques such as physiotherapy, psychomotricity, massage therapy, plant reflexology, homeopathy and herbal medicine.

But also :

•The supply of medical rehabilitation equipment and the setup of a physiotherapy room.
•The integration of people with disabilities into the running of the center (caretaker, surface technician, gardener, reception)
•The establishment of a health education and awareness program.
•Provide local health care.
•Provide transport, for children and adolescents with disabilities, to the health center or to the specialized school.

•Structure the coming of Belgian volunteers from the medical community who would wish to donate their time.
How to practically make it all happen:
•By digging a well to obtain the water required for the construction.
•By building and setting up the dispensary structure.
•By building and setting up the caretaker's house (with security).
•By developing the interior layout of each of the rooms and furnishing them
(table, chair, cupboard, etc.)
•By setting up a 30 m2 rehabilitation room.
•By building a surrounding wall (security requires).
•By purchasing a minibus to transport handicapped people
•By the installation of solar panels, the supply of electricity being very
unreliable in this location.
•By the payment of salaries in the first year for the nursing staff, the caretaker, reception, surface technician,… After installation, the center is expected to be financially self-sufficent.

As of today,

A lot of land of 3256m2 well located has already been purchased. Bids have been requested from various contractors and among them, one was selected on the basis of its experience, reliability and respect for the site.
It is obvious that I will personally monitor the work since I live near the site.

But today I really need your help, your support, your generosity to fully complete this health centre.

In advance, thank you very much.