Peruvian teachers training in English 

 Mid January 2020 I go for a pedagogical project in Moquegua deep in South-Peru. Just like previous commitments this is  a part of a multi-year plan to improve the Peruvian level of education with the local population. However, more and other schools and a teacher training collage are involved.  

There is more! This project has also a social background. Data from “The Ministry of Social Development and social inclusion” show a very low social inclusion in the region of Moquegua. Especially the less fortunate and not fortunate  population , mostly small farmers, from the high Andes and the poor neighborhoods around the cities have to do with this. They often can not exercise or defend their rights, are not integrated into social life, do not enjoy certain social services etc. Their birthplace, social origin and their development and study level (sometimes illiterate) are at the basis. This naturally has painful consequences for their children. This social inclusion situation extends beyond the generations.

But it is not all bad news. Even now, parents are taking the lead to work together with schools and teachers for a better level of education and English in education. They realize that mastering the English world language considerably increases the future possibilities of their children: reading, communication, job application, research…But the teachers do not understand, speak and write English and therefore cannot teach that language.

Gremo, the local management of education in Moquegua, invites me to start and realize a project in this regards. Driven to improve the well-being of these disadvantaged  people and their children I will accept this challenge. I provide a basic English course, followed by a methodology course to teach that language and then I supervise their English lessons.  For tall his I compile syllabi for the teachers and the students. I buy study books, textbooks and workbooks English and various didactic media: cds and dvds, games, photos etc. These are bought in the city of Arequipa and transported more than 100 km further to the project site.

Peruvian teachers training in English - Vredelaan 23 - 8820 Torhout