Les Amis de Warang

Our objective is giving humanitarian support to both schools with emphasis on education and healthcare

-   The Fimela school: With the financial support of the city of Wervik we repair the primary school infrastructure. The classes (7) were all floored and a threshold was installed to prevent flooding during the rainy season. The library was also floored and a large table and chairs were put in place. School supplies were bought (copy machine and paper) as well as kitchen supplies (cooking pots and dishes). The water pipe was channelled from the school gate to the office of the headmaster so there is no more waste of water. This year we will support the school for the repair of the sanitary bloc and the installation of WIFI. If we can collect a large sum we would like to repair the wall around the school to prevent intruders from entering (people and animals).

- The kindergarten of Warang: with the financial support of the province of West-Flanders and the city of Menen we renovated the 3 classes (the roof, new doors and windows, flooring and painting) and rebuilt the kitchen. A gas stove was put in place, running water, electricity and kitchen supplies. With the collected money of the fellow travellers we could pay the monthly wage of the cooking mother for several months.
On our demand the wall around the school was repaired by the community of Malecounda.
This year we would like to rebuild the sanitary bloc cause it is in a poor state.

Les Amis de Warang - Violierenlaan 2 - 8940 Wervik