Founded by Patrick Van Speybroeck from Deinze. Since 1990 he has been working in San Miguel Ixtahuacán - Guatemala. In November 2003, DIFAM became an independent NGO that is currently led by 8 enthusiastic local employees. To help support self-reliance, we have built a small hotel over the years next to the Difam offices. There is a possibility to stay overnight in 12 rooms with a pleasant garden. Every year, various students come on an internship abroad, especially from Artevelde University College Ghent. Patrick also organizes immersion trips for members of the large group of friends “Amigos de Bélgica” every year. All these activities help to realize self-reliance. Since 4 years we have also built a small hospital with 20 beds. We want to provide affordable health care for the surrounding villages.

Global Objective of DIFAM:
To help the population gain access to better employment from the perspective of self-sufficient agricultural development through agricultural education, training of agricultural and livestock promoters and microcredit.

Specific Objectives:
To strengthen the possibilities of the farming population in the Altiplano of San Marcos - Guatemala through training in Agriculture, Livestock and Environmental Management through DIFAM. In this way we try to improve the conditions in order to achieve self-reliant agriculture as a guarantee for food security and independence. In addition, we give loans to women through the Bancos Comunales, for better self-development and self-esteem with an emphasis on gender. Scholarships also give underprivileged young people the opportunity for better professional training in preparation for their later professional life. We are currently working in 3-year cycles.

Targets of the Specific Objectives:
At the end of this cycle: the target group of 300 families from 14 communities of San Miguel will apply the agro-ecological techniques learned in a sustainable way.
The trained promoters will apply the learned techniques and pass them on to other families.
At least 60% of the 300 families will have improved their quality of life through the employment created.
The other 40% use the benefits of education and family vegetable garden to improve the family economy.
The 300 families will apply the acquired knowledge and have learned habits to improve hygiene and public health. An important step in this is the 1400 installed water filters that have been installed in the last 2 years.

DIFAM - Lange Akkerstraat 5 E - 9800 Meigem - Deinze