Chabwino works in the Zomba region of southern Malawi.  An agricultural project was set up in nine villages in which 54 farmers received training to cultivate their land more efficiently. All these farmers receive seeds and fertilizers at the start of the Chabwino season. They cultivate their land and after harvesting deliver 250 kg of maize. This corn is kept in a silo and in the hunger season the poorest of the villages are allowed to buy corn at half the market value. The list of eligible villages is compiled by the committee of farmers, village chiefs and the representative of Chabwino.

Since drought regularly strikes, water reserves were created by recovering rainwater from the roofs in 5000l containers, and the number is being expanded. Techniques are also being applied to the fields to retain water. Foot pumps and a fuel pumps are available in the event of a major drought to pump water from the river. We also try to convince farmers that diversifying crops and planting trees are an absolute necessity.

In Chabwera, initially a school was built for 40 children. The number of toddlers has risen to 164, so expansion is necessary.

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