CAC Morazan

Centro de Arte y Cultura, Escuela de Música "Paco Cutumay" CACPC.

The Arts and Culture Center and the Music School were founded by the music group Grupo Morazán and the Belgian cooperant Mia Vercruysse. They named the center "Paco Cutumay" in tribute to the poet, musician, freedom fighter and friend of Grupo Morazán.

The 6 members of the music group are the teachers of the music school and also the promoters of culture with regard to the Cultural Agenda.

From December 2016, around 300 students from four schools in the Segundo Montes community received musical theater and dance lessons. The different children's choirs and music bands are often invited to perform in the community and at cultural festivals, for example on Mother's Day, Earth Day, Environment Day, International Women's Day, .. Monseñor Romero, Independence Day, ...

During the main holiday period from November to January, the music school is open to everyone from the north of the Morazán department and also to some villages in the south. This gives young people and adults access to art education.

CAC Morazan - Stationsdreef 92 - 8800 Roeselare