Freshwater supply in Burkina Faso

Fundraising for freshwater supply in Burkina Faso

Since 2008 several projects (under the supervision of DISOP, a non profitable organization) have been successful in installing water pumps to several villages in BURKINA FASO, in Africa. This year it is KOUMBRI’s population to get together with their own savings and motivation to replicate the project of their neighboring village of BOULZOMA and ZOM (equipped with water pomp in 2016 & 2018).

In the daily fight for survival these projects have a great impact on the families’ lives allowing them to produce a great variety of vegetables from flowing water supply and earn enough to meet their own needs. Drinking water in the vicinity has a direct impact on the babies’ health (no more diaries) and allows the girls/boys to attend school. See 10 years of accomplished projects: and the photo album

The financing programme is as such:

1.      A well for potable water at KOUMBRI 
2.      Addition of drip system for market garden of ADAMA YIRI
3.      In the frame of creating new jobs, the young population of OUAHIGOUYA wish to widen their fishing market called «WEND PANGA» and they need new freezer 

Beog Neere Boulzoma - Bosdreef 13 - 8020 Oostkamp