Centre Port-au-Prince

Centre Port-au-Prince
Chantal Dehandschutter

After the great hurricane of 2016, the I.C.M. Sisters went to Carrefour Joute, LES CAYES, in the South of Haiti several times. After many contacts and discernment, they started a new ICM community of three sisters on 8 April, 2018.

From a medical point of view, the mobile Hospital remains of great importance and people take refuge there because there is nothing else in the immediate area.

During the long holidays, the sisters organize activities for girls and boys. Among other things, they learned to do manual work, bake cakes on the sort of charcoal fires they have at home, and learned how to make passion fruit preserves.

We also help girls and boys who cannot afford their final year of higher studies.  Literacy is improving. There are six groups with a total of 46 very active adults. The monitors were well trained for this task and are proud of their results.

"Youth Ministry" is also very important, for example: Christian education for their personal life, including discussions about self-knowledge, how and what to choose, morality etc.

There is a great need for knowledge of ecology and the necessary material to put their knowledge into practice. There is a lot of youth in Haiti and we have to give it a lot of attention in many different ways to form the leaders of tomorrow.

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