Bibliotheekproject Toni Berek

At the request of Toni Berek, a working group was set up in Tielt (West Flanders) to develop a library on the island of Timor (Indonesia). A small library was built as a successful pilot project. It is now clear that the building is much too small and that there is a need for a larger space.

The concrete purpose of the library is to promote the reading and learning capacity of village children. In that sense there is hope for their future since "A book is the window of the World."
The children go to school every day, where they learn to read and write. After school they can go to the library to perfect themselves. The books have become their best friends. It is as if they are traveling around the world while reading, without taking a step outside.

Partly due to the acquisition of knowledge, the social skills, personal intelligence, sense of responsibility and mutual solidarity will be further developed. Perhaps these life skills and values will encourage the children to later contribute to the further development of the region where they live and perhaps also of their country.

The children are taught to dream about their future. This future can only come true if they study and work well. Relaxation is also important. In that sense, the children are very strongly encouraged to practice sport. Some sports materials have already been purchased. Fairplay is taught by sport, among other things. We are convinced that this is a very important value for life in a third world country where corruption is currently rampant.

There is also sufficient publicity via the municipal government, the parish and word of mouth.

Library project Toni Berek - Dennenlaan 2 - 8700 Tielt