Acres of Hope

Acres of Hope is a humanitarian organization that since 2006 is committed to helping disadvantaged people in Liberia, West Africa. We focus our aid on vulnerable women and children, through projects concerning education and good healthcare.

Kris Lambrecht, founder of Acres of Hope, travels to Liberia twice a year for a month to coordinate the projects and to consult with local partners.

Liberia a beautiful country, but one of the poorest countries in the world. Average annual income per person is 350 €. Many families live on less than 1 € per day.

Acres of Hope works in Rock Hill, one of the poorest neighbourhoods close to the capital Monrovia. There people live from cutting rocks to stone. Pregnant women and children, often not older than 5 years, work in the stone quarry. Our goal is to provide a better future for these underprivileged children. Therefore, we built a school and Acres of Hope supports 350 children, who used to work in the stone quarry, with 5 €/month to go to the Acres of Hope school. They can go there from kindergarten till the third high school. To be able to keep these children in school, we organize several actions every year. We are also looking for people who want to support one of our children with 60 € every year.

We also see that especially girls do not follow further education after the third secondary school. We want to do something about this with Acres of Hope. For them, we will set up a Crea & Art Studio where they can take various practical courses: sewing, cooking, macramé, crochet, ... to further their education.

We start this project with a sewing class. The sewing class can continue each time for 15 girls. For each of our girls we need 150 € sponsorship, this is for all the material + the organization of the lessons. Acres of Hope took care through actions of sewing machines and basic material to furnish the class.

Together we can make a big difference for these girls.

Hannah, Sarah, Miatta, Lucy, Blessing, Adna, Caroline, Princes, Mercy, Rutee, Maime, Rebecca, Lorena, Felicia and Abigail are looking forward to the first course. With support from you they can learn to become self-reliant.

Acres of Hope - Rozenlaan 14 - 9880 Aalter