Box Atlas Project - Quo Vadis

Box Atlas Project
Center de Formation / Training House "Quo Vadis?"

The family-supporting project is developing on the "Quo Vadis domain", located on the beautiful plateau in Mateko, more than 150 km from Kikwit and 800 km from Kinshasa. It belongs to the diocese of Idiofa and is located in the province of Bandundu.

Due to its isolated location (difficult roads and no communication via the internet), there was very limited evolution for the families. The end of the last century also saw the end of the Flemish mission. But the native parsonage and monastery community are strongly active and rely on education. Local facilities include a beautiful church, the secondary hospital, a lyceum and a few school buildings. Many large families live in the center of the plateau.
After a private visit in the 1980s, we became interested in its progress.
At the beginning of the new century, contacts were strengthened by communication with
Father Leon De Visscher, working there in mission posts of the diocese.

In 2004 the Belgian vzw "Quo Vadis?" was founded. In 2014, the objectives became more focused on family support via the “Box Atlas” project. The educational evolution in the daily support of the family deserves priority and is now being looked after centrally in the training center.

This requires several years of effort on the part of the central team, both in terms of equipment - such as shipments with didactic requirements - and in terms of information and finance.
The intention is to help small groups of preschool-age children and their mothers with educational child rearing sessions. In this way the local team can prepare their future together.

This approach highlights very important local teamwork. In this way we prevent too much interference from white culture, but we also prevent the current Congolese street children from slipping away. At the moment a lot of effort is needed, but our little non-profit organization is firmly commited.


Quo Vadis - Cruceweghe 7 - 8490 Varsenare