ARED Congo

Fishing Project for the ARED Association

Ared : Association pour la Réhabilitation de l’Enfance en Détresse –  Association for the Rehabilitation of Children in Distress

ARED was set up in 1999 in DRC on Sister Julienne KOHO's own initiative, assisted by a group of Congolese mothers aware of the plight of the Congolese children in the poor areas of Masina called 'les Abbatoirs'.

Its aim was to gather, supervise, look after, educate and instil values in children who do not go to school, destitute single mothers, so-called witch children, war refugees, the sick, abandoned old people and impoverished widows.  In order for the association to survive, Sister Julienne and the volunteers worked hard for eleven years in the fields of the Plateau de Bapateke.  A few years later, Sister Julienne found herself alone to assume this task as the volunteers had to move away due to the flooding of their homes located near the River Ndjili. She relocated with ARED at Limété.  Subsequently the PERENCO Company offered her and the children a roof in NSIAMFUMU, Territory of MUANDA, Province of Central Congo in DRC.  During the twelve years at this  location ARED dealt with more than 150 vulnerable people. 

In 2011 a branch of ARED was set up in Belgium (not-for-profit organisation BCE number 0832428759). Its aim is to find ways and means to back and support ARED Congo in its demanding task of managing human lives. Together with ARED Congo we are contemplating numerous projects. So far only one third has been completed: the vegetable garden, the small pig-breeding project, an artisan bread oven, the gift of a white MITSUBISHI van to transport the children, financial and material aid. 

We are acutely aware that the children who have become adults are unable to find employment and find it hard to integrate into society which is why ARED and ARED Belgium are jointly starting the Fishing Project to create work. Let us quote the following proverb:  'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'.

ARED is located in the town of MUANDA, Southern Territory of DRC in the Province of South Congo, along the Congo River on the Atlantic Ocean and covers an area of 4265 km².  The  population of over 85000 inhabitants mainly lives off agriculture, rearing of livestock and artisanal  fishing.

In order to carry out this Fishing Project we shall need to purchase a refrigerated van, a cold room,  two engines, nets and ropes, dugout canoes, solar panels, cover transport costs from Brussels to Muanda as well as running costs.

 ARED Congo - Bakboord 51, bus 1.1 - 8301 Knokke Heist