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Projects Makoye Kafo vzw

Our organisation Makoye Kafo vzw was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing
socio-humanitarian aid to the development of Toubacouta (Senegal) and surrounding
Our target groups are mainly children, women, and vulnerable and underprivileged
groups such as the sick, the poor, ... We mainly work in the educational and medical
field, and also try to relieve the heavy work of women, ....
Informally we started with the distribution of rice and mosquito nets in the villages in
2013. We wanted to work preventively to stop malaria. Now we still visit the
population a few times a year to see if they actually use the mosquito nets properly,
above their bed or mattress, or as a sheet on the floor... And it seems to work.
We try to realize small-scale social projects, measurable in time and money. For
example, the logo of our organization suggests small droplets that can make a

In 2016 we installed a sanitary block for the primary school in Keur Lahne. Later, we
renovated an entire classroom (new roof, new floor, filling and paintwork), together
with Belgian students who were on an immersion trip. We want to further support that
school. We also try to provide the necessary school materials every year, and later
on maybe a printer and laptop as well, so that the teachers can properly prepare the
students for the state exam.

If nothing is done for education in those villages, those children will remain illiterate.
They stay at home and help their parents with agricultural tasks. We take it for
granted that every child, wherever in this world, has a right to education. That is why
it is one of our goals to provide proper education. A few months ago, a small tornado
destroyed the roof of one of the classrooms. There was a lot of damage and the
classroom is in urgent need of repair. We now want to help and renovate it.
A second pillar of our project work is situated in the medical field. We are providing
mosquito nets to prevent malaria. We are currently working on the construction of a
'Poste de santé' in Toubacouta. The previous building is dilapidated and no longer
safe. Walls are falling down; the building has been declared inaccessible by the
authorities. The health care system in the village exists, but we want to help with a
better infrastructure. We get cooperation from the local authorities. We foresee
completion in 2021. Hopefully we can...

A third pillar focuses on supporting women's work. They provide heavy work. Every
day they have to mash grain in order to provide meals. Fetching water, working on
the land, raising children... We already provided two grain mills, which makes the
women's work less hard. We are now also trying to provide the women's vegetable
gardens with better irrigation systems so that they can harvest larger crops.
We also install wells and solar panels where and when necessary...
Our concrete short-term objectives are currently: help to the school in Keur Lahne,
and further construction of the 'poste de santé' in Toubacouta...

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