Since 2009 Guido Steeman has been working as a volunteer in the "favelas" of Salvador da Bahia. He does this in ACOPAMEC and CEIFAR, and is closely involved with the psychological center CASA DE ALICE.

ACO 25/50 stands for Acopamec Ceifar Organization, the 25 for the 25th anniversary of both and the 50 as a view to the future.

Acopamec works in many sectors that every year, with great commitment and often limited resources, guides between 1500-2000 children, young people and adults in the Mata Escura and Calabet√£o neighborhoods. Special attention is given to support to young girls who get pregnant at a very young age.

Psychological center Casa de Alice: This center offers psychological guidance to children and young people and is open to all institutions, schools and neighborhoods in the surrounding area. In Casa de Alice attention is paid to special guidance for women and girls in situations of violence.

Ceifar supervises around 500 children and young people in pre-primary education and the first three years of primary education. In addition, there are sporting and cultural departments. Much attention is given to the guidance of families from the Tancredo Neves neighborhood, who often have to survive in poor circumstances.


ACOPAMEC - PROJECT 25/50 - Empty Road 75 - 8020 Oostkamp